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reduction of smog and CO2
98% less bacteria, 99% less fungi
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without allergens
Get fresh air in your home back
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Provides warmth in winter, coolness in summer
Energy-saving home
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Patented dolomite ground-coupled heat exchanger
Unique in Poland!

Salutaire – healthy air in your home system, based on a ground-coupled heat exchanger

Do you want to make sure that the air you breathe is good for your health and well-being? Imagine that the air in your home could be free from harmful fungi, bacteria and allergens. By choosing the Salutaire system, you choose  health, well-being and comfort of warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Salutaire means clean, healthy air in your home and a healthy home equals a healthy life!

With the air treatment and exchange system – Salutaire, your house will breathe, and you will breathe too! Salutaire system uses free geothermal energy and constant ground temperature, so that the air is pre-heated in winter and gives a sense of coolness in summer. Salutaire also means significant energy savings and the ability to not use harmful air-conditioning.

Salutaire system uses ground heat exchanger, increasingly used in energy-efficient ventilation systems for a high heat recovery. Today ground-coupled heat exchangers is becoming a standard feature of supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery. See for yourself that it is really worth it!

Check the advantages of Salutaire

System uzdatniania i wymiany powietrza w domu

System of air treatment and exchange in your home


Znaczne zmniejszenie stężenia szkodliwych grzybów i bakterii we wdychanym powietrzu

A significant reduction in the concentration of harmful fungi and bacteria in the air


System Salutaire wykorzystuje zdrowotne właściwości dolomitu

The system uses the healthy features of dolomite


Salutaire - zimą zapewnia ciepło, wykorzystując darmową energię geotermalną

It provides warmth in winter, using free geothermal energy


Salutaire - latem chłodzi bez udziału szkodliwej dla zdrowia klimatyzacji

During the summer it cools without harmful air conditioning


Salutaire - opatentowany dolomitowy Gruntowy Wymiennik Ciepła

The system is based on the patented dolomite ground heat exchanger